Basic starting tools

The hard part of starting woodworking is determining what type of tools to start with.

Do I choose hand tools or power tools?

It’s all very complicated, or is it?

In this article we are going to discuss some of the best starting tools you can have for your newly or recently formed woodshop.

Realistically, you need just a few things. A good saw, a good drill, clamps, glue, and a small variety of sandpaper. I know sandpaper, and glue is not tools, but good to think about as well.

Most people that think of a saw will recommend a standard “western” saw. These kinds of saws cut on the push and not on the pull. A pull saw on the other hand does the opposite. They also have a tendency to be more accurate and are often used in Japanese furniture making,

A good pull saw to get is this one: SUIZANĀ is an authentic Japanese company. And they are known for the best pull saws.

Another good one that we use in the shop is the Irwin model. This one has served us well for years, and hasn’t even needed sharpening yet!