Legal stuff

Service expectations, cost, and legal stuff

  • Shipping options/restrictions
  1. Large projects like furniture, reptile cages, extra-large signs, etc., or other items of that size class that would require freight shipping(over 25 pounds larger than a large moving box): Delivery address MUST be in or close to a major State of Arizona city. The heavy delivery cities we will deliver to are: Phoenix (and surrounding i.e. Wickenburg, Peoria, Tempe, Glendale, Mesa, Scottsdale, etc. To name a few), also we will deliver to Flagstaff (and surrounding area, IF road conditions permit), Tuscon (and nearby surrounding area), Yuma. A shipping/handling fee WILL apply if we deliver.
    Someone over the age of 18 MUST be present at the time of delivery to sign off receipt of the product(s).
    Inside Phoenix region(the valley and surrounding area): We can arrange weekday deliveries upon request, as we are based here in the valley like you!
    We cannot guarantee weekday delivery availability/options all the time, so please let us know if that is something that you require and we will try our best to accommodate you.

    Outside Phoenix region: Since we are a small business we can only deliver “outside” the Phoenix area on Saturdays and Sundays. We are happy to arrange a time to deliver during those days. If you need a weekday delivery, please inquire about that before placing your order.
    Local pickup arrangements are available! In the Phoenix area at NO CHARGE! By appointment only.
  2. Small project builds(Under 25 pounds, and can fit in a large moving box or smaller): Free economy shipping to the lower 48 states! Alaska, Hawaii, and expedited (overnight 2-day shipping) may have additional fees.
    Local pickup arrangements are available! In the Phoenix area at NO CHARGE! By appointment only.
  • Project fees
  • As customary with most service companies, we require 50% down upfront to begin your project. This helps with the initial cost of materials needed for your project.

The remaining due will be collected:

  1. Large item we are taking to you(in-state delivery of large items): Payment must be made a minimum of 2 days before delivery so we can secure an appropriate shipping vehicle, to bring it to you.
  2. Small shippable item: we will require payment before we ship.
  3. Local pickup: Easy one, when you come to pick it up!
  • Time frames
  1. *Custom Cutting boards and charcuterie boards may take less than a week in some cases depending on where you are in our building queue.
  2. *Simple designs like signs and some candle holders(not an inclusive list) may take about 1-2 weeks depending on where you are in our building queue.
  3. *Complex small items like fancy jewelry boxes may take 1-2 weeks depending on complexity.
  4. *Large furniture pieces may take as little as 1-2 weeks or as long as 2 months depending on the amount of detail, material availability, and finish requirements(staining, heavy protective coats of finish, some specialty finishes, deep gloss finishes), etc.
  5. Refinishing may take several weeks depending on the condition of the item. Some refinishing is light restoration keep in mind(small chips dings and new protectant applied). We will ask for pictures of the item being refinished to give you a starting quote. Most final quotes will be very close to the original quote and few surprises should arise. If the damage is too severe and requires extensive work like wood replacement, large holes/cracks, missing pieces/hardware, etc. Please check out the restorations section for better options.
  6. Restoration services: Please see the restoration services section for detailed information on time frames and other issues you want to be aware of.
  • Restoration services* (If you are considering this service please read all of this section BEFORE you contact us to make sure restoration is right for you)
  1. Restoration is a time-honored tradition of woodworking and we take it very seriously. We want you to have the best quality restoration with the proper old-time products that kept it in great shape all these years. We will use modern tools when applicable during a restoration, including HVLP spraying(unless specifically asked for hand coating) to give a fine finished look and polish the item to the original sheen that you inform us it had.
  2. We are not historians, and limited information may be available about your piece so any information you can provide(old pictures, memories, original manufacture, place of manufacturing, approximate year built, etc.) will help us keep that original accuracy at its best!
  3. Special note for Mahogany, and ivory items. The original Mahogany that was used in products built in the early 1900s and back is not available due to the species going extinct. “Genuine Mahogany”(from South America) is very similar but is technically different and may have small pattern differences from the true original Mahogany which is classified by the UN as an endangered species.
    Ivory is more or less illegal to import into the US due to regulations.
    If you are board this explains the complexity of that topic, 3rd party US government site on the topic site: https://www.fws.gov/guidance/guidance/sites/guidance/files/documents/What%20Can%20I%20Do%20With%20My%20Ivory.pdf
    So if possible existing pieces may be used/recrafted for your piece that was in the US before the import ban, if available, normally at a high cost due to rarity. We also can simulate with modern chemicals ivory look-alikes and repair patches for damaged ivory if the project calls for it.
  4. Time frames(and cost) on restorations can vary wildly, and hidden surprises often come up. That all being said, expect anywhere from 3 weeks to over 6 months depending on the level of restoration, and ornate details required to be detailed and/or made to get back to the day it was made.
  5. All restorations are done regardless of who you go to as an approximation of what was. No restoration is perfect, but then again older pieces were often imperfect the day they were sold as well. So always keep that in mind when having a restoration done.
  6. Keep in mind that restorations WILL NOT necessarily increases the value of an item. In fact, they very well may reduce the value of a historic item in a lot of cases. Oddly just because it looks beat up does not mean it does not have value. And in some cases that may be where the value is for some buyers.
  7. If you are restoring for the purpose of resale: Do your due diligence! Check with an antique appraiser first before considering ANY restoration of antique items.
  8. We are not responsible for historical inaccuracies(like replacing parts with best intentions with period-correct designs that may not be perfect like the original, or color variations that may be slightly different than the original color, finishes that are different than what was originally used, as all of these things are opinions at this point in time, unfortunately).
  9. We are not responsible for ANY loss of value of antique items due to you opting in for restoration services. Please see section 6 in “Restoration services” above if this is an issue you are concerned about. We are not an appraisal firm. And we want to make sure you are getting what you pay for.

* We can not ship or deliver items that have not completed curring. Doing so will damage the finish in most cases.
Curring of a finish takes 7 days for most finishes before it can be shipped, assuming it is not a deep gloss(may take up to 3 weeks due to curring and polishing) or food-grade(about a day) finish.


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